Induction Procedure

• We believe that settling your child into nursery is vitally important.

• On your initial visit to look around Chatterbox you will be introduced to the staff, meet the children and generally get a ‘feel for the nursery’. The nursery manager will talk through all the necessary paperwork with you, and answer all of you questions and concerns you may have about your child starting nursery. We know that choosing the right childcare is an extremely difficult decision to make, so as much time as you require is dedicated to helping you to put your mind at ease.

• If you decide that Chatterbox is the right choice for you and your child then please contact us and we will begin the induction process.

• This process will involve you coming into nursery to fill in the relevant forms, contact numbers, child entry record, dietary requirements etc. You will he asked to bring your child along. If possible, so they can start to get to know the nursery.

• We will then arrange for your child to have free sessions at nursery. You are more than welcome to stay with them in the room gradually withdrawing from the setting as your child begins to feel more confident. Obviously, each child is an individual and some may settle quicker and easier than others, so this process is very much tailored between you, your child and their key person.