The highest standards of hygiene are promoted within the nursery and the children are encouraged to achieve a good level and understanding of personal hygiene. Outdoor play and healthy snacks are available daily to promote a healthy lifestyle. Every effort is made to restrict the spread of infection and in the following matter we would be grateful for your co-operation. Any child who is suffering from sickness and or diarrhoea must be kept at home and MUST NOT return to nursery until they have been symptom free for at least 24 hours. This does help to contain any outbreaks of infection. Please notify us if your child has come into contact with anyone with an infectious disease so we can notify other parents, ie, German measles mumps or chicken pox.

You will be required to fill in a Child Entry Form prior to your child starting nursery which includes contact names, addresses, medical information, allergies, dietary requirements etc.

We are able to administer medication at nursery that has been prescribed by a health care professional or parents/carers. However, if children have been prescribed antibiotics we would ask parent’s to keep them at home for the first 24 hours. Please keep your child at home if they are poorly. Accidents unfortunately do happen and nursery staff reserve the right to administer basic first aid where necessary. You will be informed of any accident that occurs and asked to sign the accident book. Any first aid administered will only be carried out by a fully qualified first aider. If a child requires emergency treatment, staff will contact parents immediately and the emergency services if required. If hospital treatment is needed two members of staff will stay with your child until parents arrive.